Blog : July 2018

Your glass is already broken.

On a recent call, my spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, mentioned a wonderful quote about impermanence: "Your favorite tea cup is already broken." We know that everything changes. That we change. That all life is always in a state of flux. Yet, doesn't it seem to be that one of the things that c

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Live from High Tea with Marjorie

This newsletter is dedicated to one of our wonderful community members, Marjorie Akin, who contacted me a few months ago and said, "Hey, I've been following your work for a long time and I'm coming to San Francisco; could I treat you to tea as a thank you for all you do?" As you might imagine, I

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Add oomph for out-of-towners

Want to add some awesome oomph to your friend or family's visit to your hometown?  If they're staying at a local hotel, call a few days ahead of time and ask the front desk if you could drop off some sweet treats and/or flowers and if they'd deliver them to the room your friends are staying in.

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