Blog : October 2017

Do this if you can!

Hello hello! Last week, a new coaching client sent me a link to her blog. She'd illustrated our coaching session! (That's it up above!) I just grinned when I saw it. And it has made me happy every time I've looked at it. If you are someone who is talented at drawing/illustration, I wan

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{Video} What do you need?

The other day my friend Laurie came over to my house. On an impulse, we turned the phone's video on and recorded a short conversation about how we steady ourselves during difficult times. Laurie and I talk about how important it is to get aligned and connected during times of darkness and des

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Creativity as Medicine

  As I write this, fires are raging just north of here in the North Bay and Wine Country. But even before I awoke yesterday to this latest news of disaster, I'd been talking to my close friends about how to stay steady when the world feels so wobbly. I don't need to make a list of all of th

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