Monthly Blog Archives: June 2017

Who or what will you celebrate today?


I just posted a new two-minute video that speaks to some things that are truly at the heart of life. (At least I think so. And I hope you do, too!) I really want to know what comes up for you when you hear what I share in this video! Leave a comment for me on YouTube so I can include you ...

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{Video} Will you do this? 


Hello! This 10-minute video re-posted from yesterday's Facebook Live, includes a request, a poem, and a last-minute gift idea for Father's day. I hope you'll take the time to watch the video and then consider this: Do you know someone who may need extra love on Father's Day? Is there someo...

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Do try this at home, folks!


I just returned from two weeks visiting my mom and couldn't wait to share this celebration/gift idea with you! You know how they always say, "Don't try this at home, folks?"  Well, this is something to "do try!" See that photo above? It is my mom, myself, and my niece Nikki. But look what ...

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