Monthly Blog Archives: May 2017



Can you think of a time that you surprised someone with a non-tangible gift? Or did someone ever surprise you with a memorable moment?  I'm visiting my family in Ohio. We told them that my beau, Ian, wasn't going to be able to join us this year. But actually, he planned to fly in separatel...

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Photo Party!


On Mother's Day I posted a  dance party video online that was full of goofy fun — my mom, niece, and I dancing in costumes while my 12-year-old son directed us by shouting choreography: "Twirl your hats!" "Spin!" "Nana, do a solo dance!" I've been thinking about how much fun it was...

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On being uprooted. Or, finding home.


This morning I awoke into a rush of anxiety and adrenaline. We need to vacate our San Francisco flat by June 1, but don't yet have a new home. It's not that we'll be homeless. I know that. There are many places we can go, even temporarily. But I'm the kind of girl who loves thic...

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Last-minute gift for someone who needs TLC on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. I’m incredibly fortunate that I'm not only a mom to an amazing son, I am also the daughter of a wonderful mom. Mother’s Day is a time that I feel celebrated by my family and also when I get to appreciate and celebrate my own mom. But believe me, ...

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Bubble Flash Mob, Anyone?


I made a gift for you: it is a four-minute video filled with bubble joy! Treat yourself to these few minutes of pure happiness. (Be sure and watch full screen to get all the oomph!) I had a blast creating it — and I think you'll smile big when you watch it. Bubble Flash mobs (bub...

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