Monthly Blog Archives: October 2015

Open the Gates


Sometimes we forget to open the gates. We plant ourselves in the faded blue armchair, bowl of chips in our lap, and gaze bleary-eyed at the TV screen. We mimeograph ourselves for each new scene. We scroll through Instagram, eyes glazing over their weddings, their puppies, their daughters, thei...

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Celebrating … Money?!


I want to talk about money. For a long time, I've left money out of the conversation about celebration and gift giving. It's likely that the only context you've heard me talk about money is in my "spend less; give more" campaigns in which I encourage folks to make gifts or create experiences fo...

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If Bill Cunningham went to Camp.


If you haven't seen the documentary about Bill Cunningham, you should. But I'm giving you a l'il spoiler alert — I'm about to tell you my favorite quote from the movie: "Those who seek beauty are sure to find it." (Oh, Bill. Thank you.) This post is not about Bill Cunningham. But his words...

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What we carry


Recently I've talked to a lot of people who are having a hard time. They're in pain, feeling grief, worried about a loved one, or are just-plain-exhausted. What do we do for ourselves + each other when we're in this place? I happened across a short poem by Naomi Shihab Nye which seems to be a...

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