Monthly Blog Archives: September 2015

Kindness Project 51-51-51


I turn 51 this week. And, as I've done for the three years, I want to celebrate by sending notes of kindness to strangers. I love the feeling of connection + community this practice brings me. It has taught me that I don't ever have to feel alone. I can always connect to someone by sending love...

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Why I owe you an apology


Yesterday I sent out an email to my subscriber list telling you about a book of fill-in-the-blank appreciations that I love. It was a simple email that I'd drafted up on Wednesday and had hoped to send that day. But I got busy and didn't do it. When I realized I hadn't sent it, I quickly added ...

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why am I writing to you about a mango lassi?


If you've been hanging around me for a while, you've heard me say these three words a lot: say it now. I seem to have been born with a bee in my bonnet about this. And the li'l bee was buzzing again this week. (Though I was wearing a cloche rather than a bonnet!) Here's what happened. My frie...

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