Monthly Blog Archives: November 2013

Will you create a Love List today for The New Black Friday?


Will you join me today in creating at least one Love List for someone in your life? I promise you, this will be the highlight of your day! And you'll be giving a gift that is a highlight of someone's life. If you haven't yet downloaded my NEW professionally designed Love List templa...

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The New Black Friday: Showcasing Love Lists 2

This week and next week, I'm sharing with you some ideas of how to present Love Lists, a unique gift idea that a bunch of us started on The New Black Friday. Artist Jill Lambert is making a one-of-a-kind handpainted Love List book for her daughter, Isabelle. Each of the inside pages is painte...

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My wish for all of us.


I just got off a coaching call with an amazing client. He gleefuly exclaimed, "I am the person I always wanted to be. AND ... I can see that I always have been." How awesome is that? This is my wish for all of us: To be who we've always wanted to be and to see ourselves for wh...

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Birthday Gift Idea: What’s on the Menu?


A few years ago,  I experienced a wonderful birthday gift + want to share it with you. This is an idea you should steal! About a week before my birthday, my family gave me an envelope with a "Chinese menu" of celebration ideas for an entire day. I got to choose the where, whats, and whens o...

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