Monthly Blog Archives: March 2013

The beauty of the universe.


The fourth graders at the Hathaway Brown School in Cleveland Ohio have been participating in a special program designed by Director Koyen Parikh Shah in which they explore the concept of sisterhood and success. The "Enough" program helps the girls seek a win-win perspective in life. ...

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Call your mom!


One of the things on my 10-10 list this morn (10 things I'm grateful for; 10 things I'd like to invite in) was looking forward to seeing my mom next week. She turns 75 this year and she's healthy as can be. (Knock wood!) She's also really fun and funny and likes to have dance pa...

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Do People Even Know They’re Alive?


This is a guest post by Laurie Wagner, an amazing writer teacher and friend. I love the question to ask myself, "Do I know I am alive?" Just the asking is a way of awakening to life.   Do People Even Know They're Alive? by Laurie Marks Wagner The other day in Wild Writing I ...

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What I’ve learned from my coaching clients!


There are so many things I absolutely love about my coaching clients and I learn tons from each of them every time we have a call. But there's something that I've been noticing — and appreciating— as an overall theme with all of my clients. It seems there are just four ...

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Something simple for your feel-good toolkit.


I'm taking a course called Awakening Joy and it is chock-full of practices and experiences to help folks see where joy springs from and how to create more of it. This past Tuesday, at the live (yes LIVE, isn't that awesome!) meeting, one of the special guests was Sylvia Boorstein, a liv...

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