Monthly Blog Archives: February 2013

Do you know someone who is lonely or grieving today?


I want to celebrate Valentine's Day by offering 14 acts of kindness to 14 folks who may be feeling left out of love today. Maybe you know someone who recently experienced the death of a spouse or has been undergoing a difficult divorce? Maybe a friend or relative is single and lonely and dr...

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Valentine’s Day Secret Juju Love Mission


Here’s the thing: we all long to be seen and loved exactly as we are. Not because we won a towering trophy for excelling at digikikidowhat. Not because we’ve got a big office and a fancy job title. Not because we don’t have wrinkles or do have money or might be the next &ldquo...

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Make a Love List for Yourself! (Guest Post by Keri Nola)


Wheeee! I'm excited to be a featured guest on Keri Nola's Conversations that Matter Teleseries. On February 12th, Keri and I will be talking about self-love — just in time for Valentine's Day. Because the answer to, "Is there someone special in your life?" should alw...

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