Monthly Blog Archives: December 2012

2013: Sending you a great big YES


I'm creating a "no-need-to-do" list that includes these things: *No need to make anything look perfect: Banish Norman Rockwell and bask in my own norm. * No need to stop taking care of myself during the holidays: the more I take care of this body, the more I have to give to ...

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A tiny petal of beauty in the rush of life. (Look out!)


Last October when life gave me the idea for my 48-48-48 Kindness Project, I got to meet a wonderful woman, Laura Shovan,  who requested an act of kindness for her daughter. I was happy to oblige. And then — surprise!— I received a "backatcha" act of kindness from Laur...

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Showcasing Love Lists 3: Guest Post by a Love List Maker


Last week I led a telephone workshop and my good friend, Suki, was on the line. During that call we spent a few minutes starting a Love List for someone in our lives. I asked people to share their experiences and Suki shared something that I thought would be helpful for all the Love List maker...

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