Monthly Blog Archives: July 2012

Your best tips for turning scarcity on its head?


Last week I posted a video with one of my favorite tips for turning scarcity on its scrawny li'l head. If you didn't have a chance to watch it, take a peek now. It's only three minutes. And I promise you'll learn an easy tool you can use in lots of different ways. I've be...

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Fave Trick for Turning Scarcity into Abundance {Try it!}


Today I wanted to share a really great tool about how to quickly and easily transform a place in your life from scarcity to abundance. I've been practicing a lot with this particular tool and I LOVE it. The video is just three minutes long; I hope you'll watch it and then let me know w...

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What the fog teaches.


This morning I am celebrating the gray, foggy landscape, which reminds me that life welcomes a whole range of moods and ways of being. Reminds me of that quote by Placido Domingo: "The high note is not the only thing." Can we allow ourselves to celebrate the whole wild and quiet ...

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Barefeet. Warm grass. Let go.


This afternoon I was practicing juggling with my son and beau. (We're visiting my mom in a small town in Ohio.) I happened to mention that I felt guilty I hadn't posted a blog entry since I left San Francisco last week. Here's what my son said: "Mom! You're on vacation. W...

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