Monthly Blog Archives: June 2012

Open your fist and see what lands.


SIMPLY CELEBRATE NEWSLETTER JUNE/JULY 2012 This week I've been practicing a lot with some old karma around scarcity. For me it mostly shows up as scarcity of money. You'll sometimes hear me say, "I'm so rich with love and creativity, an amazing family and wonderful friends, ...

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Celebrate Push the Envelope Day!


This evening, my dear friend and extraordinarily fashionable gal Suki is meeting me and my beau Ian at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit for our very own Push the Envelope celebration. We're all going to wear something that makes us feel fun and fabulous — but something we wouldn't...

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Saved by a poem.


I'm reading a book, Saved by a Poem, by Kim Rosen. Kim teaches a practice of learning poems "by heart." (No, not memorizing! It's all about connection.) As it turns out, what's also been going on for me this week is an extra scoop of Monkey Mind ice-cream doled out dai...

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Everyone knows.


Last week I reprinted a piece from Jean Reinhold, a fellow groupie in the Type Rider Google group. Today I want to share with you my own freewrite on the prompt, "Everyone knows..." Everyone knows they are going to die, but no one believes it. Everyone knows that bare feet on warm...

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It’s all once-in-a-lifetime, baby!


If you've been following my blog, you know that my dear friend, Maya Stein, is on a journey of lifetime, called Type Rider. She's traveling by bicycle from Amherst to Milwaukee, trailing a vintage blue typewriter behind her. Every day she visits a new town and invites folks to type awa...

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Share your pinprick plan for today.


On Monday I was tickled to be the featured audio interview and essay for a website called Inspire Me Today. We were asked to write a very short essay (500 words) on a very big topic (the one message we'd like to tell the world). The 40-minute audio interview is a conversation as a companion...

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