Monthly Blog Archives: February 2012

Leap Day!


Tomorrow is Leap Day. And I can't help but think, "What is the biggest leap I want to take in my life?" It's this: I want to take the leap and trust completely that I can be exactly who I am in the world. I've written before about the ways I slip into "Cardboard S...

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Joy is a practice. Emphasis on the word “practice.”

SIMPLY CELEBRATE FEBRUARY 2012 NEWSLETTER (LEAP DAY!) I was invited by the folks at Delivering Happiness to present an "Inspire Talk" at their upcoming meeting in San Francisco. I am not a speaker. In fact, I have a deep fear of speaking in front of groups. But the talks are only abo...

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Bubbles of Joy Movement


Thanks to The Levity Project for creating this beautiful video of bubble joy the world over. It makes me so happy to see all these people creating space in their lives to simply ... well ... blow bubbles together. I love the variety of people and places. That scene in the hospital especially g...

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Guest Post: The Missing Link by Suki Haseman


My dear friend Suki published this piece in her blog recently. I so loved the message about loss, joy, acceptance, and gratitude, that I had to share it with you. Hope it touches you as much as it does me. —Sherry The Missing Link Last Sunday I met a friend at the Ferry Building. ...

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Valentine’s doesn’t have to look like Hallmark.


Hey there. Happy Valentine's Day. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that while chocolates and roses are perfectly lovely, there are a lot more varieties of love than just the flowery-n-sweet kinds. Let this day be an expression of your own style of love. Let it be the way y...

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Choose love.


I LOVE this art by Leah Pealman! What a great reminder that when we're unsure of what to do or say, all we have to do is check in with ourselves and see what response feels like it is coming from a place of love — for ourselves, for others, for the world. Ahhh. Check out Leah'...

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Love Ninjas Unite!


Join Simply Celebrate and The Happiness Institute on a secret mission to Occupy Valentine's Day. (Wheeeee!) As Love Ninjas, it's our mission to roam the world secretly — spreading love and delighting friends, family, and strangers alike. If you're in the Bay Area on ...

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