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**Spoiler Alert!**


Big thanks to Choose Happiness for posting this. I printed it out and posted it on my bedroom mirror. I can't be reminded enough!     ...

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Teaching ourselves how to fly.


If we remind ourselves often of the woman we want to be, then the woman who has been masquerading as us all these years will breathe her last breath and give us back our life. —Marianne Williamson     Today's post is a special one, as I am participating in a Blog Hop hos...

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Can you trust yourself?!


Have you ever thought about how you learned to trust yourself? (Or whether you've learned to trust yourself!) I've been having some great conversations lately with people about how they learned to listen to and act upon their own inner wisdom. It's no small thing. One of the common...

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What do you love about your body?


A couple weeks ago a writer posted online that she was interested in hearing women's stories about when we first remember loving our bodies. It was an intriguing question and I sent off my response. This week Natasha Burton's article was published on MSN and is called "How to Feel...

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Whose life are you living?


I was fortunate enough to attend a writers' workshop with Dr. Dan Gottlieb last week. Dr. Gottlieb is an amazing man with a physical presence that exudes compassion. During the workshop, we were asked to write and explore our ideas of "the story of our lives." We were invited to consider why ...

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The place I want to live.


Artist Tracy Yarbrough of Chickpea Studio reminded me of something very important this week. She reminded me what a gift it is to live enthusiastically and energetically. She truly exemplifies living life with color and expression. I met Tracy through an online course taught by Kelly Rae Rob...

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What sustains you? (Even in the dark.)


SIMPLY CELEBRATE NEWSLETTER: JULY/AUGUST 2011 By Sherry Richert Belul   I am reading Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham. One of the main points he makes, which truly resonates with me, is this: "Pay attention to specific moments that invigorate you." This may seem rea...

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Make someone great.


"Make someone great."  That line/philosophy was passed onto me this week in my mastermind coaching call. I can't stop thinking about it. It is so simple, yet so absolutely amazing as a life practice. A compliment. An offer of help. A surprise sunflower on her desk at work. L...

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What you see is what you get.


This morning when I was walking down Mission Street here in San Francisco, I was noticing how gritty and dirty the street looked. Litter and grime kept catching my eye.And then, wonders of wonders, some grace dropped in and I was reminded of a great teaching my son offered to me when he was t...

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Where would you look?


I've been lying low the past number of weeks. The combination of a life-changing Zen retreat and the death of my grandmother have left me rather speechless. Extraordinarily quiet. Listening. When I returned a few days ago — from the trip back East for the funeral — I saw th...

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