Monthly Blog Archives: December 2011

Merry Merry.


It's Christmas Eve and we just finished the very last details for the Holiday Hoopla event we're hosting for our Ohio clan tomorrow. Wow! It was a lot of work, but also so much FUN. The theme is "Survivor Christmas" and we came up with a bunch of challenges like a scavenger ...

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Spend less; give more: Create a hoopla!


I just finished putting the final touches on the invitation for our 2011 Holiday Hoopla, which is an event that my son, his dad, my beau, and I put on for our family in Ohio instead of buying everyone gifts. We've been having such great fun planning the event and I can't wait to see ho...

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Gifts from the ‘art.


In the spirit of my ongoing conversation about gifts with meaning, I want to encourage you to shop on Etsy. If you're not yet familiar with Etsy, it is an online marketplace focused on handmade, artistic, and vintage items. I know lots of incredible women artists who sell their one-of...

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Unfashionably happy.


"He who seeks beauty will find it." (Bill Cunningham) If you haven't seen it yet, rent Bill Cunningham New York. Now. Rent it now! (If you have Netflix, you can download it as an "Instant watch.") Do you know of Bill Cunningham? He's the genius behind the New York T...

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