Monthly Blog Archives: October 2011

Teaching ourselves how to fly.


If we remind ourselves often of the woman we want to be, then the woman who has been masquerading as us all these years will breathe her last breath and give us back our life. —Marianne Williamson     Today's post is a special one, as I am participating in a Blog Hop hos...

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Can you trust yourself?!


Have you ever thought about how you learned to trust yourself? (Or whether you've learned to trust yourself!) I've been having some great conversations lately with people about how they learned to listen to and act upon their own inner wisdom. It's no small thing. One of the common...

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What do you love about your body?


A couple weeks ago a writer posted online that she was interested in hearing women's stories about when we first remember loving our bodies. It was an intriguing question and I sent off my response. This week Natasha Burton's article was published on MSN and is called "How to Feel...

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