Monthly Blog Archives: May 2011

What not to say in casual conversation.


So yesterday I was all happy after my morning dance class. Feeling chipper and generous, I stopped a stranger from the class to tell her that I loved her haircut. She looked great — and I wanted to tell her so. During the course of our short conversation, she said, in refrence to a style...

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Two dollar treasure.


On a whim, I bought my dentist a Gerbera Daisy from a flower stand near the medical office. It was a simple and inexpensive way to for me to express my gratitude that I have a dentist who is cheerful and oh-so-positive. I loved her glee at my simple gift: "Oooh! Look at that gorgeous ora...

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No haircut big enough for this.


Below is a poem my friend Maya Stein wrote a couple weeks ago. What I love so much is that Maya saw something I didn't see. She unearthed a poem from what I thought was an ordinary moment. And thus, that moment became something more. Something other. Something extraordinary. How ...

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Questions we ask ourselves.


The theme of Monday's Happy Hour on the Simply Celebrate facebook page, was "What questions do we ask ourselves?" Tricia started off the conversation by saying, "It was brought to my attention recently that the intent and quality of the question I'm asking (to myself or ...

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