Monthly Blog Archives: April 2011

Last-Minute, Low-to-no Cost, Creative Gifts for Mom


I'll never forget what my mom said to me the day my son was born: "Honey, your heart is now open in a new way and everything can — and will — fly in."  My son was only a few hours old, but I already knew what she meant. I really understood at that moment how mu...

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Question “Authority”


SIMPLY CELEBRATE NEWSLETTER APRIL 2011 This morning I attended a dance class in the Mission. At one point during the class, Michael Franti's, "Say Hey (I Love You)" was playing and we were shimmying all over the place. The woman in front of me was giggling. The woman beside me had a big grin ...

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On seeing the hourglass half full.


I love this video by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I hope you'll take five minutes to watch it. But just in case, here's a little excerpt: "If one is fortunate enough to live 80 years, that is 29,200 days on the planet. Weird to think, isn't it? Playing that out, how many more ti...

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What was there all along.


The other day I was walking up the street to my car. I've walked this street a thousand times, as we often park there, right beside the little park affectionately known as Cat Poop Park. I happened to look down as I walked and I noticed some words etched in the sidewalk: "Our deepes...

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The phoenix, rising.


Last night was opening night of Cirque du Soleil at the Cow Palace here in San Francisco. My family was lucky enough to have been given some tickets to see the show. We had a fun night of dazzling colors and crazy acrobatics. On the drive back home we chatted happily about our favorite acts a...

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