Monthly Blog Archives: February 2011

Who do you want to be today?


For four days now, my son has been wearing drawn-on bunny whiskers in honor of the Year of the Rabbit and his participation in the Chinese New Year Parade. I love how out-of-character and eccentric this is. It reminds me to give people room to invent themselves anew whenever they please. (And ...

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I don’t need to do it all myself.


I posted some thoughts a few weeks ago about my frustration at not being a visual artist. I know there is one inside of me somewhere, I just can't seem to access her. However, I am delighted by color and texture and design. I love photography. I want to have more visual joy in my life and...

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Have it Your Way.


We just finished Happy Hour on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page. There was a great discussion about Valentine's Day and how it can sometimes feel like we are being told how and when to celebrate the people in our lives. The commercialism can set up expectations that don't match how ...

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Love the one you’re with.


SIMPLY CELEBRATE FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER Last weekend my beau, Ian and I had plans to go to the Edwardian Ball. We’d already bought, borrowed, or created our Gorey-esque costumes. We’d taken a fun dance class in which we practiced romantic waltz moves with names like “pretty pattyca...

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