Monthly Blog Archives: July 2010

One Breath at a Time


Simply Celebrate Newsletter: July, 2010 I was weeping on the Amtrak train as I stared out the window, catching glimpses of snowy white egrets in the marsh. This wasn’t a sad kind of crying, but rather, one of those “Wow, life is pretty amazing” kind of jags. I was on my way...

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The People Who Live in Our Catalogs


My fabulous niece, Tara, passed this website along to me. It’s calledCatalog Living. I don’t know what it is about it, but it just makes me laugh and laugh. Hopefully you will, too. ...

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Green (And not the Eco Kind)


This morning I received an email from a girlfriend who had caught wind of the Tour de Word my writer friend Maya Stein is planning. Maya is going on the road — taking a cross-country trip to meet her Ten Line Tuesdayreaders and write/collect ten-line poems for an upcoming antho...

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A Wider Perspective


I can’t remember who sent me this link, but I suspect it was my friend Suki, who often stumbles across fascinating things to celebrate in life. Anyway, I LOVE this collection of photographs by Andy Freeberg called Guardians of Russian Art Museums. It delights me that Freeberg took a...

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Say Cheese!


This past weekend some family members and I were walking in the middle of the street because we could. It was something called “Sunday Streets”here in San Francisco and this is what happens: the city blocks off a bunch of streets in a particular neighborhood so that folks c...

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Falling in Love with Love


Tonight I was listening to the radio call-in show, Open Air with Cheri Huberand was so struck by one of the conversations Cheri had with a caller. The topic was “falling in love with love.” The way I heard this was that instead of falling in love with some object of our desire...

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