Joy: By the Book.


dsc_5090-2I’m not exactly sure how it got started, but I keep a “Joy Book” — an album of things that make me happy. There aren’t any rules about what kinds of things can go in my album; I just started out with photographs that made me smile (like the one of my son and me, which I’ve posted here) or happy notes from friends or images I like that I clip out of magazines. Could be a Bizaro cartoon. Could be some lyrics from a song. Could be just the words, “clouds, floating, flying” or “razzle dazzle.”

When I’m feeling low, I pull the book off the shelf and flip through the pages. It’s an instant pick-me-up.

Do you collect images or words that make you laugh or simply lift your spirits? Where do you put ‘em? I’d love to hear from you …