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Event Mailbags o' Love

Create some paper bag love at your house or office for Valentine’s Day:

These mailbags o’ love are great for love of all shapes and sizes. Fill ’em with sweet treats or sweet notes.

* Purchase some colorful bags. (Try your local dollar store or make ’em out of brown paper lunch bags.)

* Find a central location in your home or office to leave the bags visible.

* Label the bags so that everyone has one.

* Provide blank paper, note cards, or stationery near the bags.

* Explain to everyone that these bags are for people to leave secret or signed notes of things they’re grateful for about the person, special memories, happy stories, inspiring quotes, etc.

* As the organizer, see if you can get the ball rolling by leaving at least one note or two for everyone. Model how it’s done!

* Watch the magic happen.

From Mailbag Recipients:

At Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb Camp the mailboxes offered a way for people to show their love + appreciation for one another. Sherry’s idea really helped created a feeling of community. —Maya Stein

OMG! The Bags of Love were amazing at our Opening the Creative Channel retreat. I loved seeing what surprise love notes awaited me each day from fellow retreatants. —Sue Ann Gleason

I pull my notes out and read them every once in a while when I am feeling blue. They always pick me up! —Bo