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Love List Prompts

Hey everyone, here are some ideas to help you think of more juicy, funny, heartfelt, sassy items for your Love List!

Scroll down to listen to a 90-minute audio workshop that walks you through making an amazingly creative Love List they are sure to treasure forever.




dot-orange-150x150Something that person does to make themselves feel most alive. For instance, “I love the way you linger to touch plants when you walk by

dot-orange-150x150Things they do to care for us or comfort us. For instance, “I love the way you always offer to rub my head when I have a headache.”

dot-orange-150x150Something quirky they do that you find so appealing. For instance, “I love the way you spread your cream cheese so it covers every inch of the

dot-orange-150x150Some funny joke you share. For instance, “I love that we send one another smurf-a-grams!”

dot-orange-150x150Things they bake or cook. For instance, “I love your banana bread. (Yum!)”

dot-orange-150x150Funny things they say. For instance, “I love when you greet me by saying YOLO!”

dot-orange-150x150Things you love that they don’t do. For instance, “I love that you don’t snore!”

dot-orange-150x150Things you love about their spirit. For instance, “I love how resilient you are!”

dot-orange-150x150Some physical attribute you love. For instance, “I love your Romanesque nose.”

dot-orange-150x150Gifts they’ve given you. For instance, “I love the skunk baseball cap you gave me after we got sprayed in Anderson.”

dot-orange-150x150Tiny things we take for granted. For instance, “I love the way you always recognize the holidays by sending me greeting cards via snail mail.”

dot-orange-150x150Funny things they love that you notice. For instance, “I love that you love pickles.”

dot-orange-150x150Some aspect of how they are with other people. For instance, “I love the way you and your teenage son play-wrestle in order for you to get a hug.”

dot-orange-150x150An aspect of someplace you’ve been together. For instance, “I love when we went to Hotel del Sol and I forgot my bathing suit, you suggested we buy cheap pajamas at Walgreens and cut ‘em off at the knee.”

dot-orange-150x150Something you always do together. For instance, “I love that you are my thrifting + hot chocolate buddy!”

dot-orange-150x150Things they wear. For instance, “I love your red sneakers!”


Something funny or interesting from a photograph. For instance, “I love the way your looked with all that Dippity-Do in it!”

dot-orange-150x150Something about how you met. For instance, “I love that you’re the kinda person who goes to libraries since we never would have met if it weren’t for the Bernal Heights Branch!”

dot-orange-150x150If you’re making a Love List for your child, mention something you loved about them as a very young child. For instance, “I love the way you said flutterby instead of butterfly all the way until you turned four.”




Audio Workshop

Listen to this recording that walks you through making a creative Love List on the spot!

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Amy Tingle and Maya Stein are co-founders of The Creativity Caravan, a studio, gallery, and imaginarium located in Northern New Jersey, whose mission is to spark, engage, and nourish creativity in communities everywhere. Amy & Maya believe creativity can change lives by building self-confidence, harnessing imagination, helping to practice problem-solving, and bridging differences. The Creativity Caravan’s  programs are centered on the joy of discovery and power of collaborative learning, with art and writing experiences for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Learn more about the Creativity Caravan here.


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