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Love Ninja Free Ammo!

Ready to join in the secret (or not-so-secret) mission of delivering love and delight to friends and strangers?

Click on the file below to download the two-page PDF full of great Love Ninja ammo!


Simply print out these two downloaded pages, cut along the dotted lines, jot a thought — or not, then deliver your ninja love like this:
• Via good ole fashioned snail mail
• hidden in someone’s shoe
• left on a door stoop
• taped to a mirror in a home, office, or public place
• slipped on someone’s desk when they’re not there
• stapled to a dollar bill and hung from a tree
• accompanied by a single daisy or sweet edible treat
• any ole way that occurs to you!

Remember, there are no small acts of kindness; each one is a big gift.