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Do you know someone who has a troubled heart this Valentine’s Day?

It could be someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or break-up.

It might be someone who has lost their job or is struggling with global or political issues that have left them stressed or fearful.

Or, maybe you know someone who is depressed or overwhelmed?

What if you used Valentine’s Day as a reminder to reach out and put love in action?



What to do for someone with a troubled heart?
I just published an article on Huffington Post with some ideas of gifts for people with troubled hearts. Please read, comment, and share. And choose one thing on the list to do for someone in your life who needs a love boost.

I also just posted the replay of our wonderfully fun workshop last week during which my dear friends from The Creativity Caravan helped participants come up with ten amazingly creative and specific prompts to write a Love List. Sit down with a piece of paper, think about someone with a troubled heart, and create your Love List on he spot with this audio workshop. (You don’t have to opt in and we’re not selling anything — it’s just part of my mission to help spread pinpricks of light!)



A balm for future hurting hearts?
I want to spend a few minutes on something that isn’t very popular to talk about, but which is something that is one of the greatest gifts we can give people we love: planning for our death. To me, planning our death is the last gift we can give people. And it is one that can help soothe and heal traumatized and grieving hearts.

I’ve had that awful experience of someone I love dying and there’s nothing in writing anywhere about how they want to be buried or what kind of service they want or even how to contact their friends or find their financial accounts. It can be so awful to try to figure all of that out while also grieving.

So last fall I took a class my friend Jane was offering and I created a binder that has everything in one place. People I love know to grab that if I die. It has my will + health forms + friend contacts + funeral wishes. I am still updating it and adding things like social media legacy wishes + where to find important stuff. Doing this is not morbid at all. It feels so loving!

And the crazy thing is — those of us in Jane’s class really had FUN. We laughed a lot. We also supported each other through some hard questions. Jane brings a lovely warmth + ease + compassion to this essential planning process.

For me, remembering I am going to die helps me be here NOW. It helps me get clear on what is important to me and what legacy I want to leave. Others in the class expressed the same thing.

I got Jane on the phone after the class was over so we could talk about ways in which the class impacted me and transformed my life. If you have 15 minutes, I’d love for you to listen. This conversation may change the way you think about death.

If this topic interests you, you can also attend a free online talk Jane is offering on February 13th at 11am PT/2pmET called 5 Things to Do Right Now To Save Your Loved Ones Headache and Heartache After You Die.”



What if you’re the one whose heart is troubled?
If you’re having a hard time, be sure to reach out to someone you love and ask for what you need. My spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, always says, “Don’t let the voices get you alone in the dark.” What she means is that the voices in our head can be very cruel. They often kick us when we’re down. They tell us we don’t deserve love or that we can’t reach out because we’ll be a dark cloud. Don’t listen to any of that rubbish!

It can be such a gift when someone opens up to us and invites us to express our compassion and love. Let yourself receive whatever good things are available; you deserve it.

Here’s to love of all shapes and sizes,


P.S. If your own heart is troubled or if you just need a sense of connection, listen to this short audio I created. It contains one of my favorite lines of poetry ever: “You do not have to be good.”






Just Plane Celebration

I just stumbled across a note to remind myself that I want to tell you about a wonderful experience I had on Southwest Airlines last fall.

You’re gonna love this!

I was on a flight from San Francisco to San Diego and right before the airline attendants started to pass out our drinks, they announced this: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special couple on the flight today who are getting married tomorrow. To help them celebrate, we’d love for each of you to write some wedding advice or a wish to them!”

When we were given our coffee, tea, and whatnot, we also were each given an extra napkin to write our advice or wish upon.

How fun is that?

I asked my seatmate if she would share what she wrote and she showed me her napkin — which read, “I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Be sure to try new things together and create new memories!” I could hear others around me asking one another what they wrote. Our whole little airplane community was abuzz with love.


Can you guess my advice?







{Right here’s a photo of the front of my napkin wish gift.}

My advice was for them to each make a list of 10-100 things they love about the other. On the back side of the napkin I continued, saying that these Love Lists were wonderful to pull out whenever they might feel upset, angry, or frustrated with one another. They could simply read their lists to each other and remember all the love and joy they felt on the eve of their wedding day!

I really had to squeeze that all in so there was also room for a wee wish: “May you always be blessed with the kindness of strangers!”

It was so much fun to “make a gift” for two total strangers!

After everyone wrote their advice/wishes, the flight attendants collected them and gave them to the bride and groom. THEN, to top it off, the Southwest crew made the bride and groom crowns out of snack bags and coffee stir sticks. It was absolutely delightful! (You can see the couple in their crowns in the photo at the top of the page. They let me take a photo when we were in baggage claim after the plane landed.)

I want to give a shout out to Southwest Airlines for thinking of something celebratory to do right there on the spot. (Flight Attendant Ashley, if you’re reading this, I send you a special hug for masterminding this spontaneous and loving gift!)

I bet that couple will remember their Southwest wedding send-off for the rest of their lives. And you know what, it’s likely that many of us who got to participate will always remember this, too.

It just goes to show that great gifts don’t have to cost a lot. They just have to mean a lot.

Got napkins and snack bags?

Now, time to write a letter to Southwest Airlines and thank them for all this joy!

Happy trails to you— by land or air or sea,




P.S. If you’re trying to think of a wedding gift for friends or family, think about how you could use this idea from my Southwest Airlines flight and transform it to fit the style of the bride and groom you want to celebrate. Perhaps collect wedding wishes or advice on postcards that their friends and family send from wherever they live? Maybe have each person send a photo and on the back they could write a wish? Perhaps each person could draw something, with a wish on the back? I bet if you think about it, you can come up with something unique. Write and tell me, okay?!







Hearts are heavy right now.

No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, it is likely you’ve felt the divisiveness and anger that has enveloped our country these past few months.

I know I have.

In response to all of that fear and anger, I’m hosting a free call to support people in creating a Love List on the spot for someone they know who may have a troubled heart.

What’s a Love List? Why, it is simply a list of everything you can think of — sweet, funny, memorable, sassy, sexy, kind — about someone in your life. It’s free to make and invaluable to receive.

I’ve invited Maya and Amy of The Creativity Caravan to join me in offering ten creative prompts to walk you through making a Love List you can then send as a Valentine’s Gift to bring light to someone in the dark.

If you were on the Love List call on The New Black Friday, you’ll remember that Maya and Amy had some really helpful tips to share about creativity — even for folks who may not think you have a schmidgin of creativity in you. (You do! And much more than a schmidgin!)

On this call, they’ll be back with even more helpful hints.

We’ll make it easy + fun!

And we’ll make our lists together, on the spot.

No opt-in, no sales. Just pure creativity + love.

It won’t cost you a dime to put your love into action for someone who truly needs it right now.

Please show up for this.

I’m certain there is someone in your world who needs a pinprick of light.

Click here for a l’il more information.

Or simply show up with paper, pen, and a willing heart!

Sunday, February 5th
4pm PT/7pm ET
Call-in number: 641.715.3655
Code: 309893#

Let’s put our hearts on the line,


I’ve lived in San Francisco for nearly 30 years and one of the things I am most grateful for about this city is the way that people seek out creativity, beauty, and joy.

This past weekend my beau, Ian, and I kicked off his 50th birthday by attending The Edwardian Ball. This is one of the most enchanted, eccentric, colorful, sexy, and otherworldly events I’ve ever participated in.

It feels as if everyone who attends or performs does so wholeheartedly — the luscious clothing, the hair, the makeup, the dancing, the shows — it’s magical.

People let themselves play full out.

I’ve never done this before, but I went to the makeup counter of a store and had them do my makeup and apply false eyelashes. Instead of feeling vain or foolish, it made me feel like Cinderella — it took me back to my childhood days in which I might have imagined dressing up for a fancy event.

It felt playful and fun for me.

And you know what? I realized that everything from my stockings to my eyelashes were gifts to Ian.

Because every attention to detail felt like a way of saying, “You are worth it. This moment is worth it. This life is worth it. Let’s play full out!”

Planning for, thrifting for, and attending the ball were such great reminders of how important it is to live with this wholeheartedness.

And you know what? We don’t have to attend a ball to do so!

  • We can wear our favorite jewelry to the library.
  • We can swing dance with our spouse in the living room in our furry slippers.
  • We can have a candlelit dinner of take-out Thai.
  • We can splash in the puddles outside.
  • We can drink sparkling apple juice with our children out of the crystal glasses.
  • We can even go to the makeup counter and get our makeup done and false eyelashes applied to celebrate our birthday pizza-n-movie outing with girlfriends.


Life is fleeting. Celebrate now.





P.S. You know I LOVE to hear your stories. Please comment and tell me something you promise to do to live wholeheartedly this weekend. If its personal or you don’t have Facebook, feel free to email me!













A Book of Love Letters

I just found out that this week is Universal Letter Writing Week. Woo hoo! What a great time to surprise someone you love with a handwritten letter letting them know how they’ve impacted your life.

If that handwritten part gets ya feeling sour, go ahead and give yourself permission to type that letter. Don’t let something like written vs. typed or what kind of paper stop you. Lower the bar, like this: “I’m going to write my Aunt Sarah just two sentences telling her how much I appreciate that she encouraged me to paint when I was little.”

Can you imagine how moving it is to receive a note from someone letting you know how you’ve impacted their life?

Now try this? Imagine receiving a WHOLE BOOK full of these kinds of appreciative and loving notes! That’s what the Celebration Books I make are like.

Except they’re even better.

Because they are love notes and appreciation notes and storytelling and wishes and photos. And, they are a compilation of all these wonderful things from the recipient’s closest kin, colleagues, and friends.

The sample photos on this page are from a book I created from Jane and her siblings to their father a few years ago. It’s a favorite because they had so many heartwarming photos like that one of Harry as a toddler. Or when he walked Jane down the aisle at her wedding! And I love that Jane had a drawing she made of her dad when she was a kid! Here’s what Jane said:

This was the best present I’ve ever given my Dad. He loved the book, as did my siblings. Your work is really powerful in that it helped connect my whole family, which is really valuable to me. Thank you SO much for getting it done so quickly under such a short deadline — and for doing an amazing job. It will be a keepsake we can have for many years. I will keep spreading the word about your amazing work.


These books truly are like a book of love letters. And I’m proud and happy that the process of creating the books is also something that brings a lot of joy.

Like Jane said, it connects the family because everyone is in on this wonderful surprise for someone they dearly love. Folks are digging up old photos and sharing almost-forgotten stories. The books help remind everyone of what is truly important in life: the people we love.

If you have a special birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation coming up in 2017, consider a Celebration Book. Check out a sample birthday book, wedding book, or graduation book. Email me if you have questions about the process, cost, or anything else.

In the meantime, grab a pen or cozy up to your computer and write a few sentences to someone you love. I promise you, it’ll be an amazing pinprick of light in their day! (And yours, too!)

Sherry Richert Belul







Did someone do something for you in 2016 that had a big impact?

Download your 2016 New Year’s Appreciation letter now and let them know!

Right click to save this PDF to your desktop + open in Adobe Acrobat


(Detailed instructions below!)







Take a few minutes to answer these questions:

  1. Name someone who has impacted your life in 2016.
  2. Complete this sentence: I want you to know that it meant so much to me last year when you _____. (For example, “…planned our special outing for my birthday.” )
  3. Describe the impact this action had on your life by completing this sentence: “Here’s how your thoughtfulness has boomeranged in such a positive way _____. (For example, “Whenever I look at the photos of that birthday outing, I feel so happy and grateful to have you as a friend.”)
  4. In a few words think about how you want to sign your letter. (For example, “Love, Sherry”)



Here’s how to use your fillable PDF printable:

  1. Download this file to your desktop: Click here to download the 2016-nye-apreciation-letter PDF
  2. Don’t click on it to open it, but instead launch Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. When you are in Adobe Acrobat, click on the “File” menu and select “Open.”
  4. Select + open the 2016-nye-appreciation-letter from your desktop where you downloaded it.
  5. See the four areas that are highlighted as fill-in boxes? Start with the first one, place your cursor in the box + begin typing the name of the person you are sending your letter to.
  6. In the fillable box #2, copy and paste what you wrote for question #2 up above.
  7. In the fillable box #3, copy and paste what you wrote for questions #3 up above.
  8. In the last fillable box, sign the letter.
  9. Now that your letter is complete, go back to “File” and click on “Save as.” Choose PDF.
  10. Name your letter something different and save it to your desktop.
  11. Print your letter on your home printer — you can do this directly from your open PDF or later from the saved one.
  12. If you want, you can write something by hand as a P.S. at the bottom of the letter. This will give it a more personal touch!

Here’s how to use your Microsoft Word printable:

  1. Click on the link below and open in Microsoft Word.
  2. nye-fillable-letter-2016
  3. If you don’t have the same fonts I do, it may look wonky. That’s okay! Choose a font from your own system and go from there.
  4. Repeat steps 5-12 above, filling in the sentences with your own words.


This should take you between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Believe me, it is so worth it! Watch how good you feel while doing it! Imagine how good your friend or loved one will feel receiving this!



Note from Sherry: I hope the technology works for you! I tested this out a zillion times, but Mercury is in retrograde and anything can happen. Let me know how it goes, okay? Email me at sherry@simplycelebrate.net

I love to hear about your experiences.

Your words are gifts.



Never forget: Your words are gifts.

A brand new friend of mine, Melissa Brown, posted a thank you comment to me on Facebook the other day about some Love Lists she had made and the huge impact they’d had. She wanted me to know how much she appreciated my work.

Melissa didn’t know it, but that morning I had woken up feeling discouraged and a bit beaten down. Do you ever wake up into that? Often times it isn’t even logical, it is just being sick (which I’ve been) or maybe the judgmental mind going into overtime.

I read Melissa’s note and instantly was boosted. Stories of anyone making a Love List always make me happy because I imagine the way it feels for each person to receive it. How they treasure it. How they might read it over and over again, reminding themselves of what good people they are and how they are loved.

Melissa took the time to post that note and reach out to connect. She may have thought it was a small thing. Maybe even barely significant. But it was a BIG GIFT to me.

Her words turned my morning around. Just that short note got me facing the light again + reinspired to do everything I can to spread the word about the power of Love Lists.

Melissa’s note connected me to her. To the people she made Love Lists for. To my work. To myself.

And that connection is my fuel.

It is essential for us all to remember that the simplest act of reaching out to someone can have a huge impact.

If you have a nudge to leave a positive comment on social media, to send someone a loving text, to write a greeting card, or to call someone … DO IT.

Don’t hesitate.

You may be the gift someone needs in this moment.




I invite you to join me today for a virtual event called *The New Black* Friday. This event is my antidote to the craziness of Black Friday and the consumerism it represents.

The *New Black* Friday is about taking time to create gifts that are creative, heartfelt, and impactful. We’ll all be spending part of the day at home making Love Lists together.

I’m hosting a special call at 9:30am PT today to help walk you through coming up with creative ideas for what you love about someone. I’ll have some special guests who will share tips and prompts to help you create a Love List on the spot!

It’s simple to join the call. No fees. No opt-in. Just dial in and then use the code when prompted.

Call-in number: 641.715.3655
Code: 309893#

I will be posting the replay if you miss the live call!

I will also have a new printable by the amazing artist, Lori Walters + a brand new video with step-by-step instructions on making a Love List Joy Jar with fairy lights!

C’mon by for part of the day!!!

Join the FB event to get updates on how to get the video and receive the beautiful new Love List printable!
Please share this with anyone you know who may want to add a new meaning to Black Friday.









Let me be love.








This morning I read a blog post by Christine Kane and felt inspired to share some of her message with you. (See the quote above!)

It’s Election Day here in the U.S. and many folks have been feeling lot of anger, hatred, and fear.

Christine’s message to own our power and to be courageous is so aligned with how I am feeling in the midst of so much madness. I simply want to be a compassionate, loving presence in the world. I want to be a force of love for anyone I’m around — no matter whom they are voting for.

If there were ever a time when we need all the pinpricks of light possible in the darkness, now’s the time.

Will you join me today in setting an intention to be a calm, grounded, loving light for all the folks who desperately need it?

Today, offer a smile to a stranger. Give an authentic compliment. Say something kind. Be generous. Pretend you are a a soothing sky of blue, a comforting hand-knit scarf, a steaming cup of jasmine tea.

Let’s be the antidote to the fear. Let’s be love.

Sending a deep breath of peacefulness your way,